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Ford Escort Mk1-6

Are you looking to buy or sell your Ford MK vehicle?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  Whether your in Europe, the US or anywhere else in the world, Jeff Paulson has the experience necessary to get you the best market value.

About JP

There comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to choose his car obsession.  Jeff’s choice was made long ago by his Dad who was a professional MK1 rally car driver in Europe.

I now live in the States.  In addition to running a towing service in Memphis called Trustworthy Towing, I travel to the UK and Europe frequently and act as a Broker for Ford MK sale world wide.

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Well we’ve processed more than a few Escorts from the UK to the US at this point and have received a bunch of great feedback and questions as well.  I’ve tried to summarize the most frequently asked in this page.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me via the form below.  Unless I’m traveling (you’ll receive a automated email if this is the case), I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


Thanks for your business, support, and your love for one of the finest Rally cars ever made.


Can I drive these cars in the United States?

Most, if not all Mk1 cars were made to UK standards, meaning that the driver was on the right, rather than the left side.  Despite that, driving a right hand drive vehicle is not illegal and there is no (monetary) penalty. Newer vehicles will have to pass modern U.S. safety standards but classic automobiles, like the Escort Mk1 won’t require any modification.


How Do I Arrange Transportation From the Port?

While I can make recommendations, I am not legally able to broker the delivery of imported cars to your home, that would make me a “dealer” and subject to all sorts of costs that don’t allow me facilitate classic car transactions without a hefty cost, which I turn would have to pass onto you.  Not to worry though.  If you visit our Transportation Page, the recommendations I’ve listed ARE licensed and registered for car towing and transportation, and they’re able to do it at a relatively cheap cost.


What Is The Process and Costs?

Shipping your car from Europe to the United States can quickly escalate if you’re unfamiliar with the shipping business (that’s where I come in).  In general the costs that any classic car shipment will incur will be:

  • Ocean Transport:  Depending on the estimated value, Escort transport on the ocean can run between $800 to $1500 USD
  • Ground Transport:  This cost also depends on the distance, and how much you want to baby your vehicle on the open road.  If you require a covered trailer, costs will be around 1-1/2 to 2 times what an open trailer will run.  Costs can range from $100 for a few miles to $900 to somewhere in the Midwest United States.
  • Shipping Insurance:  You’ll need insurance to ship overseas, which is typically 1.5 – 2.75 % of the car’s estimated value.
  • Port Of Entry Fees:  Depending on where your port of entry is, you may incur a fee.   Ranges from $0 to $200.
  • Non-Operational Vehicles:  If the car you’ve purchased won’t start (happens a lot), there may be additional charges to move the vehicle to the trailer from ground transport

Thanks and I’ll be sure to add more as they come in…Jeff


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