Ground Transportation For Your Sports Car

While I can make recommendations, I am not legally able to broker the delivery of imported cars to your home, that would make me a “dealer” and subject to all sorts of costs that don’t allow me facilitate classic car transactions without a hefty cost, which I turn would have to pass onto you.


Not to worry though.  There’s plenty of great companies that can help you in the Auto Transport and Towing Industries.  If you need recommendations, please contact me directly.


Also, below is a great article about towing your sports car from a towing service in St Louis about getting the best value for your transport dollars…


Ground Transportation For Your Sports Car

Anyone with a powerful enough truck and a hook can tow any car easily, and many towing services do just that – at the expense of the customer’s vehicle.  Hook and tow trucks, or those that cradle one axle, are definitely cheaper, but are more likely to damage your car.

Most people, and ESPECIALLY those with sports or classic cars, prefer their vehicle to arrive at the location in the exact same condition.  Many opt for expensive covered trailers from a full service auto transport carrier company, but for our money, a flatbed tow truck offers the most convenient and safe way to move your sports car or vehicle, and they’re also a great affordable option for towing sports cars long distances.

Outlined below are several reasons (and benefits) why you should ask for a flatbed tow truck for high value car transport.

How A Flatbed Works

Before we get into the reasons why a Flatbed is the best option for your sports car, let’s take a minute to describe exactly how it works.  To get your vehicle onboard, the flatbed is first lowered to the surface – usually with hydraulics, then two end-hooks attached to the slots at the bottom part of your car.  If the car cannot be driven onto the flatbed, the tow truck operator then uses an automated winch to pull the vehicle onboard the flatbed.

This makes the entire process quite easy, with only one operator needed to get the vehicle on the flatbed.

One of the advantages of having your car towed using a flatbed tow truck is the fact that, the vehicle will be riding on the flatbed the entire journey. This reduces the risk of losing a bolt or two, wear and tear on tires and other parts that could be affected when tires spin. A flatbed tow truck is also the recommended method for towing four-wheel drive vehicles that may have been damaged, other large vehicles included.

Flatbed benefits for Sports Car Owners

Since flatbed towing is generally much safer, many car owners insist on having their vehicles towed using this method. Having your vehicle towed this way reduces the risk of damage and other mishaps that could happen on the road.  Here’s the main advantages for using one to tow your sports or classic car…

1. Damage is less likely

With a flatbed tow truck, your vehicle doesn’t have direct contact with the road or the surface. This is because all the vehicle’s wheels are on the flatbed. This contributes greatly to reduced wear and tear that could be caused due to friction with the surface, or misaligned movable parts such as the wheels.

For many classic cars, long distance towing is the norm rather than the exception.  So protect your car’s transmission, engine parts, and other systems that could be damaged were the vehicle towed on its wheels, and instead have the tower shoulder the miles.

2. Safety On The Road

Towing broken down vehicles using a flatbed tow truck is considerably safer than pulling them along. It also ensures the safety of other road users, leave alone the towed vehicle. This is because the towed vehicle won’t be swaying all over the road putting other cars and road users at risk. The risk of hitting pedestrians with the same is greatly reduced as well.

3.  Reduced Insurance Costs

Since non-contact transport on a flatbed is considered safer, it’s also much cheaper if you choose to insure the transport of your vehicle (highly recommended for more expensive cars).

4.  Reduced Costs

Many sports car aficionados prefer to ship their vehicles in a fancy covered trailer with some fancy design on it.  Essentially what you’re getting is a covered Flatbed truck at 3 to 5 times the cost.  If you require your vehicle to be out of the elements completely, this may be an option for you, but for most customers the value just isn’t there.  What’s more, many customers opt to cover their vehicles with their car cover in case any road debris should damage the paint.

5. It Saves Time

Let’s be honest, if you got a classic car on order, the quicker the better.  Loading a vehicle onto the flatbed tow truck is comparatively easy, and is even easier if the car can move, as all one will need to do is drive it onto the flatbed, then have it strapped firmly for transportation. Badly damaged vehicles however need to be winched up onto the flatbed. The process is not only easy, but saves you lots of valuable time in the end.